Thursday, 20 October 2011


Having grown up a big Metallica fan, and also enjoying a choice bit of Lou Reed (Transformer, Velvet Underground), I was bewildered when they announced their collaboration on the Lulu album. When one track was previewed (The View) I was pretty disappointed; it sounded pretty much exactly what you'd expect and fear it to.

But today when they put the whole album up streaming, I popped my headphones on and got stuck in. And you know what, I enjoyed listening to it. And since the rest of the world seems to be jumping immediately on the "this is terrible" bandwagon, I thought I'd stand up (actually I'm sitting down) and give a different view. I'm not evangelising, it isn't my favourite album ever, but I think it deserves a listen and not a narrow-minded rejection. If you've not heard it, head over here and check it out.

The impression I got after the first track was Lou Reed leaving behind the pop tunes we know he's capable of and turning to a sort of Beefheart-lite. Then three tracks in I realised what was foremost in my mind as a reference point, which I was unable to shake off for the remainder of the album, was the excellent God In Three Persons by The Residents.

Musically I've heard a lot of criticism about the lack of great riffs etc - fair enough, but that's not really what this album is about. In fact on headphones I enjoyed some nice textural interplay between the two guitars. I don't expect Metallica to still be angry thrashers 30 years and a bazillion dollars into their career, I'm pleased to hear them trying their hand at something different instead of trying to jump on bandwagons (St Anger) or attempting to recreate former glories (Death Magnetic). I'm all for musicians making music, you don't have to enjoy it as long as they do (I've always said Great Men songs are written for an audience of 2... we're astoundingly successful with that).

So I've rambled a while and in conclusion: if you want classic Metallica dig out Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets or the black album. If you want classic Lou Reed put on Transformer. If you're willing to step outside your preconceptions, this album deserves a listen. Many Metallica fans won't like it. Many Lou Reed fans won't like it. People who never cared for either might find something to interest them in these artists. I probably won't buy the album, I might never even listen to it again, but I'm glad I gave it the time of day.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Words with Cupid

What, another blog post so soon after the last?! Verily!

I wanted to tip y'all off to an exclusive, insightful, and possibly life-changing interview that Mr Coloquix conducted with us. It's right here on his blog. It's the only place to go to find the answers to questions like:

  • Which 80s child star is Regan's arch-nemesis?
  • Which be-bop legend are we most similar to?
  • What is a truth machine?
  • Who are the Brain Police? (maybe not that one)

I'll keep it brief, but don't forget to tell all your friends to go and download Tart Hoof, the new Great Men live EP, for free:

Monday, 10 October 2011

Tart Hoof

HOLD ON TIGHT! I have much to tell you.

We played a gig in London last week and with lightning quick, even haphazard, speed, and with little regard to the guitar malfunctions within, we've put out a download-only 6 track EP called Tart Hoof. You can even have it for absolutely free.

Our next appearance will be at Dashwoodstock 2011 in Thamesmead on Saturday October 22nd, at the totally rock and roll time of 4:30pm. Apparently loads of films were shot there, like Clockwork Orange and Harry Potter And The Den Of Feedback. When I say "next appearance" I really mean "next live gig" because, neither of us being invisible, we appear constantly.

Looking forward to November, we're playing at Camden Rock (not a real rock) on the 30th, details to follow closer to the time. We might also be joining our new friends Motherhood for their EP launch sometime.

In my ongoing quest to be a man who owns less guitars (ongoing parallel to my quest to be a man), my 1989 Fender Stratocaster, made in Japan with a humbucker and a Floyd Rose, and rewired by an idiot (hello!), is up on eBay. Get yourself a treat.

Regular readers will know that I love a photo of us out and about eating. Here we are in Ed's Diner:

See you soon!