Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Musings on Roses

...because if I can't vomit my opinions onto the internet then why do blogs exist?

My all-time favourite band is Queen. This blog isn't about them.

My all-time second favourite band is Guns N Roses. I bet they think this blog is about them. It is.

I was first introduced to GNR around the age of 7 or 8 and Slash more than anyone else inspired me to pick up the guitar - probably by how cool he was as much as anything musical. Having just seen Axl's "GNR" for the second time I thought I'd spout some of my current thoughts and opinions. Feel free to throw me some of your own.

The legacy

I celebrate the entire [original] Guns N Roses catalogue, with the exception of one song: My World. It is completely out of place and pretty log. This is why I am angered by Sweet Child O' Mine being pretty much the only track you ever hear out, and the only one that non-fans know. I also put it to you that Estranged is not only the song November Rain could have been, but has the greatest music video of all time.

The new albums

I never cared much for Velvet Revolver: perfectly serviceable but not a patch on GNR.

Chinese Democracy is an incredible album. Worth the wait and worth the money. My only issue is that it shouldn't say Guns N Roses on the front; it's an Axl & Friends album and there's no shame in that. I've also been a Buckethead fan since before he ever became involved with Axl and I love spotting his guitar parts on this - Shackler's Revenge is pure Buckethead.

Slash's album isn't really an album. There's some cool stuff on there and some fun collaborations but it just isn't cohesive and I'm sorry Slash but Axl writes way better songs.

The live shows

I saw Slash's Sideboob at Download this year. They were excellent. Pure rock and roll: no gimmicks, just heart and soul. And Slash reminding everyone why he's arguably the definitive guitar hero.

I saw Axl's "Guns N Roses" a few years ago at Nottingham and again at Leeds festival this week. His voice is on the way back to greatness and he's still the greatest living frontman (number 2 of all-time after Freddie Mercury of course). His band are unfortunately no more than a very talented tribute band, and substitute the reality of Slash and co. with pyrotechnics. I also object to the hiring of a guitarist to look a bit like Slash to fool idiots:

In conclusion then, Slash has the heart and Axl has the show.

It's 2 years until Appetite For Destruction celebrates its 25th birthday... imagine if the reunion happened and brought the rock and roll back together...

Monday, 23 August 2010

Hot Meat, Live Chrome and the all new Bass Machine

Greetings Chrome fans, much to tell from the land of Great Men. C-Bomb promised that we would place electricity back in its rightful place at the centre of the noise universe and we haven’t disappointed. Reminding us of the rumble of a WW2 fighter-bomber we’ve tentatively called the new tune Messerschmitt.

Few kinks and curls to iron out but we reckon it will be ready for our next outing on 23rd October where we will be joined by dear friends and favourites Ulterior. This will be a VERY special night so dust down your leathers, perfect that snare punch and get ready for a joyous noise.

R-Man may well be able to raise the curtain on his new Bass Machine (if the US company he bought the bits from can workout the difference between right and left and send the correct bits). Here’s a rare photo of him doing something like manual labour and substance abuse.

Here's a sneak preview of the creature in question.

Mental Benn has now mixed another gem for the album and Great Men cannot stop grinning everytime we hear it. Ridley Scott will have to make a new Director’s Cut of Bladerunner just so this can be on the soundtrack, honestly.

Quick shout to The Cupid Stunt who played last night and were immense fun – the boys have added a touch of bizarre performance to proceedings. Imagine Marty Feldman and Cousin It mixing it up with Matchbox 80. Luvverly.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cyborg Pterodactyl

A number of cool things have happened in Great Men town this week. Firstly we got the first mixed track from our album back from Mental Benn. It is so awesome that I couldn't express it purely in words, so I've drawn a picture:

Then at the weekend we stepped way out of our comfort zones to play an acoustic set. R-man and I take slightly different levels of enjoyment and comfort from acoustic sets - see if you can tell the difference from the following photographs:

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one week, our good friends Ulterior were asked to support Sisters of Mercy again! So off we went for a rocking double bill in Leamington Spa, undisputed rock capital of the Coventry area.

Fear not Great Men fans, the acoustics have been stashed away in their cases and the electrics came out last night - another new tune is well on its way and we can't wait to premier Staymaker and Spectators at an Execution on the concert stage!

Tonight we're off to see our old compadres The Cupid Stunt, let the rock continue!