Tuesday, 5 April 2011

It is a far far better thing he does…

C-Bomb has always reminded me a little of Dirk Bogarde…nice hair, matinee idol good looks… fondness for the company of young men… and this resemblance has been highlighted by his pulling a Sydney Carton and leaving this earthly (midlands) plane and heading for heavenly holloway.

Fear not noise fans we shall endeavour to continue. Great Men now will have two base camps and plan to cut a swath across the riff landscape based on a Nottingham-London Axis of evil. Or more simply – London isn’t that far, email exists and we can still get stuff done.

Besides, we’ve just gone international with our first review by some Fabulous French Femmes at Cellophanesoundsfanzine.

If the translation is to be trusted – it seems they liked our modest attempt and promise further releases in due course so we can’t stop now! Hats off to Mdme Schroetter for the translation:

When the guys who recorded with Ulterior, and who admit to have Generation Terrorists on their car stereo sent us their EP this march, we thought they were nice and took some time to listen to their first release called Live in London.

Great Men, 2 guys from Notts, don't describe themselves as a band but instrumental rock essayists, and when we listen to the album, we quickly understand why.

Do not look at them for easy tunes or the sacred structure of verse-chorus-verse-chorus, the three tracks on Live In London are pure musical experiments.

Even if classic in principle (drum, big bass, noisy guitars), the music surprises, especially the total absence of singer, as much as because in the history of rock, the number of good bands who are purely instrumental can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

It's then easy to recognise the musical creativity of our two friends: the virtuosity of the bass competes with the solo guitar, and none of the tracks falls into the trap "17 min prog rock song to listen under heroin".

We especially enjoy Lady Cakes, the most successful and feverish track, with which the band clearly shows his taste for dark rock à la Sisters Of Mercy. The album, recorded in Shoreditch should be in store very soon.

Until then, we will read their blog, which proves that for an instrumental band they also have much to say.

Many Thanks to Cellophane Culture Sluts - Cloe T & Magali PF