Thursday, 3 March 2011

This and That

Happy March everyone!

Here are some things that are happening at Great Men HQ:

We finished our track Magnum Myers and have pretty much got another new one sorted; we're thinking of a superfluids related name, suggestions so far include Nathaniel and Superfluid or λ.

Hopefully we're going to record another live EP sometime in the foreseeable future featuring these tracks plus the hitherto unrecorded Staymaker (there's a demo of this on the myspace).

Excitingly I am moving to That London at the end of March! At which point it will of course be referred to simply as This London. Fear not though, you haven't heard the last of Great Men.

Speaking of London, might I recommend a rocktastic coming week: on Wednesday March 9th our good friends Ulterior are having their album launch at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. Then on Thursday night I am once more guesting on bass with Ginkinta at the Bowery on New Oxford Street (formerly The Fly).

By the way the aforementioned Ulterior album, Wild in Wildlife, is tremendous and you should get it. Look out for a guest appearance from R-Man on guitar and harmonica.

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